Staying ahead means embracing innovation. StreetHunt Games partnered with Povio and made a bold transition, transcending the limitations of Vue 2 to embrace the capabilities of Vue 3.

This migration wasn't only a technical upgrade; it was a strategic move to transform the development landscape, enhancing performance, efficiency, and future readiness.

Client Challenge

Our client's project was running on Vue 2, utilizing class-based components and facing issues with TypeScript support, architecture inefficiencies, and outdated dependencies. The codebase was cluttered, making it challenging for developers to navigate and maintain.


We undertook a comprehensive update, migrating the entire codebase to Vue 3 while addressing various technical challenges. This involved updating dependencies, refining the architecture, implementing TypeScript support, and transitioning from class components to Single File Components (SFCs). We sculpted a codebase poised for unparalleled performance and scalability.

Key Improvements

  1. Enhanced Developer Experience: By embracing Vue 3 and modern development practices, we significantly improved the developer experience (DX). Developers can now navigate the codebase more efficiently, thanks to a cleaner and more organized structure.
  2. Improved Performance: The update led to improved performance, as Vue 3 offers optimizations and performance enhancements over Vue 2. With a streamlined architecture and updated dependencies, our project runs smoother and faster than ever before.
  3. TypeScript Integration: Full TypeScript support has been implemented, enhancing code readability, maintainability, and type safety. This ensures a more robust and error-free codebase, reducing the likelihood of runtime errors.
  4. Streamlined Configuration: We migrated to Vite, a modern build tool that offers faster compilation times and a simpler configuration setup. This resulted in a more efficient development environment, allowing for quicker iterations and deployments.
  5. Future-Proofed Codebase: By updating dependencies and adhering to best practices, we've future-proofed our project, ensuring it remains compatible with upcoming Vue releases and maintains a high level of code quality.
We've worked with Povio on a couple of projects and they have always provided skilled developers with experience in the areas required to meet our brief. They regularly check in to ensure everything is going according to plan and are a pleasure to deal with. The developers have been friendly and professional and delivered on the objectives of the projects, asking for help where needed.

Nicholas Sturge, StreetHunt Games, CTO

In summary, the Vue 3 migration not only addressed the client's immediate challenges but also brought about significant technical improvements, including enhanced performance, improved developer experience, and a more maintainable codebase.

Are you facing similar challenges with your current development framework or looking to future-proof your applications? At Povio, we specialize in delivering seamless migrations and upgrades tailored to your specific needs. Our team of expert developers is ready to help you enhance your project's performance and streamline your development process. Contact us to discuss how we can transform your development experience and propel your business forward.