In the dynamic and ever-evolving tech industry, the story of transformation often takes center stage, showcasing the adaptability and ingenuity of those involved. We took on a challenge to revive and rebuild an app guided by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The story of Pump is one of resilience, transformation, and triumph. The app had already started struggling in its early stages.  After Povio took over the app development and embarked on a journey of scalability and polishing, the first limited app release sold out lifetime memberships, attracting a staggering 5,000 lifetime members in just 72 hours. This success story did not stop there, as Pump swiftly climbed the ranks to reach the Top 20 in the US App Store's Health & Fitness category. Engaging its audience like never before, this fitness app witnessed hundreds of comments per post within days of its relaunch.

Discover The Pump App: Arnold's Village

The Pump app is a unique fitness platform that goes beyond traditional workout applications. It's a community-driven ecosystem where Arnold Schwarzenegger personally interacts with users, fostering a supportive and motivational atmosphere. Offering more than 70 program variations tailored to individual preferences such as gender, intensity, and fitness goals, the app is all about providing personalized fitness experiences. But it’s not just about counting calories and reps; it's about joining a community and getting access to Arnold's personalized workout plans, motivational content, and exclusive merchandise.

From a Rocky Start to Povio’s Takeover

After Povio took up the challenge of Arnold's evolving fitness app, The Pump underwent a remarkable transformation, rising from the ashes and achieving groundbreaking milestones in record time.

Povio's team undertook the monumental task of enhancement, scalability, and polishing, with an impeccable quality assurance sweep outcome: we managed to eradicate a whopping 165 bugs, which resulted in a greatly enhanced user experience.

We actively engaged with Pump's users, promptly addressing their needs through our agile UX process, which featured rapid iterations and provided enhanced value. During this process, we identified user concerns within the “Complete Workout” and “Previous Reps/Weights” features and promptly integrated analytics to gather crucial insights. The Community Page also underwent a restructuring to ensure a seamless experience, eliminating addiction-triggering features while preventing crashes. Furthermore, we swiftly resolved audio glitches that had been affecting users, guaranteeing a trouble-free experience. The Workout History section, a vital component for users, was thoroughly reconstructed to guarantee its smooth functionality.

Elevating Your PUMP Experience with New Additions

Simultaneously, Povio listened attentively to user feedback and introduced new features to keep Pump relevant and engaging. User referrals and badges were introduced, fostering a sense of community and giving users the opportunity to share the app with their friends and family. The Notification Center was streamlined to ensure easier communication between Arnold and the users, and a much-anticipated Workout Calendar feature was added, allowing users to plan their fitness routines with greater convenience.

Current Pursuits and Ongoing Innovations

But the journey of Pump and Povio does not end here. The team has ambitious plans for the future, with exciting updates on the horizon. A Habit Tracker feature is in the works, aligning with the vision of Pump as more than just a workout app. In addition to these user-facing changes, there are also some behind-the-scenes improvements. Povio is diligently working on moving the app architecture to more robust servers to accommodate a growing user base without disruptions.

A Glimpse into the Future

In the near future, users can anticipate the ability to customize their training filters directly from the training page. This streamlines the process, allowing for smooth program switching. Povio is also committed to improving the comment section, making it easier for users to engage in meaningful conversations. Pump aims to foster a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts by incorporating tagging in the comment section and notifications, which will add more interaction between users and Arnold.

Pumps long-term vision includes integration with Apple and Google smart watches, a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Introducing a training partner feature is also in the planning, a testament to their dedication to fostering accountability and camaraderie among users.

An app Built by Users

The app's bright future, coupled with its dedication to transparency and user involvement, ensures that Pump will remain a force to be reckoned with in the fitness app industry. Together with Povio, Pump's users have played a crucial role in this incredible success story, and their contribution should not be underestimated.