Internships are a fantastic way to start putting what you've learned in class into a real-world experience. If you are thinking about starting an internship at Povio, have a sneak peek into our experience in the Quality Assurance (QA) team.

It's challenging to get your first professional job without prior experience in today's overcrowded work market. Moreover, it is significantly more helpful to learn how companies operate in reality rather than merely in theory. Let’s see how Povio puts this to practice through internships! Before reading further, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Nika and Matevž and we were a part of the summer 2021 batch of Quality Assurance interns. Here’s how it went!

The Start of Our QA Journey

The 2021 QA internship consisted of four selected interns, two mentors, and five projects over the course of four weeks. It is fair to say that we expected something like a school environment. The mentors would teach while the interns would sit, be quiet, and listen. In reality, however, it was quite different.

We quickly realized that there is no strict hierarchy at Povio. Our expectations of being at the bottom of the food chain were disproved as soon as we stepped through the door and were welcomed as part of the team. We were encouraged to ask questions at any time, no matter how silly we thought they were.

With the guidance of our mentors, we were able to work on use cases from real projects. For example, we worked on a social media application for iOS and a large web-based e-commerce store.

Our work consisted of:

  • exploratory testing of the projects we were working on
  • writing test plans for those projects
  • reporting bugs in the form of bug tickets on Jira and Trello
  • participating in several workshops throughout the internship
  • participating in fun games to test our QA skills

Are you not familiar with any of this, but we triggered your interest in the field of Quality Assurance? Check out ‘It’s Not Over Until It’s QA-ed’, our informative blog post series where you can peek into the world of IT testing and more.

The Boost of Our Knowledge

It is safe to say that at the beginning of the internship, we both had a basic understanding of development, various technologies, and design, all of which play a role in QA, but not enough to get a position based on current skills.

I've met with quality assurance before and was interested in learning more about it. And then, just like that, the internship opportunity from Povio arose. I've heard only good things about the company, so I decided to apply. On the other side, Nika had a high computer literacy and a decent awareness of IT companies' processes. As a result, you can say she’s been considering a job in IT for quite some time because these types of modern firms held the most promise and potential for growth. However, if you are not a programmer, getting started in this field can be challenging. So, when Nika saw an opening for a QA position at Povio and recognized herself in the description, she jumped at the opportunity, even if at that point she didn't fully understand what a QA even does.

This changed quickly throughout our internship. We quickly realized that our purpose isn't only to find bugs but to research them and understand why and when they occur. Since our mentors used a great teaching method, we were amazed at how much we covered in a month and how much we learned in this relatively short amount of time and our skills developed quickly.

The method? We learned the basics on the first days, but after that, we were allowed complete freedom in approaching the tasks given to us. Of course, we still had guidance from our mentors in the form of feedback, but it is safe to say we wouldn't have learned nearly as much if it were not for this approach.

After the internship ended, we got an opportunity to take on another challenge: to really kick off our QA career and start working on a variety of projects with Povio. With the transition, some changes came. For example, we were matched to different projects, but we were offered to still turn to our ex-mentors for any help needed. Soon, real-time testing tickets became the main part of our typical day, not just a pleasant memory of our internship journey.

The QA Summer 2021 Interns Team (from left): Nika, Matevž, Andreja and Alja

The Kick-Start of Our IT Career

When we walked into the offices as the new official QA Junior Analysts, it felt like we had never left, but at the same time, like a completely different playing field. With every new word we did not understand, every unwritten rule we broke, and every process we couldn’t make sense of, imposter syndrome crept upon us.

Thankfully, we weren't thrown into the deep end right after the internship ended. While our mentors did an excellent job during the internship preparing us for actual QA work on our first real projects, the whole Povio team was always helpful, so our integration into the processes went smoothly. Whether it was a developer on a project teaching us how to refine our work or the friendliness of the office manager on a rainy morning, they all played a part in making us feel right at home.

Povio makes it an effort to collaborate with professionals who are a good fit in terms of personality and have a passion for what they do. The culture also contributes to the upbeat atmosphere. You will never be met with a frown or feel like someone’s looking down at you. At Povio, you quickly realize you are never truly alone.

This is why our main advice to any future interns would be:

  1. Ask questions!
  2. Don’t rush the process.

But Wait … How Did It All Actually Start?

Our internship experience, thinking back,  REALLY started even before the first day of our internship. Here is a short breakdown of how we even came about this opportunity in the first place.

Where? - Finding the Opportunity

Povio typically posts internship openings on social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, so pick your favorite and hit the follow button not to miss out!

Each of us participating in the 2021 QA internship had different experiences during the registration process. Either we found the sign-up link on social media, heard about it from a friend, or through our university.

How? - The Application Process

Povio is looking for talented people who show potential and prove themselves a good fit through the internship. Still, this doesn’t mean you’d go through a rigorous process one can sometimes experience a corporate world.

Instead, expect a start-up and approachable vibe right from the start. The recruitment team will work hard to make you feel comfortable and allow you to show yourself in the best light possible.

Through the application cycle, you can expect the following steps:

  • Step 1: Apply

Simply fill out our application form. Povio wants to make the beginning of the funnel as smooth and quick as possible, so apply to the platforms mentioned above without second thoughts.

  • Step 2: Let’s Talk

Povio would love to meet you and learn all about you. They will contact you with a meeting proposal for a relaxed conversation to learn about you and your expectations, as well as answer questions you might have.

  • Step 3: Homework

You will receive a simple test assignment that you can solve at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Solving this assignment should not take more than a few hours and we promise it will be fun.

  • Step 4: Final Interview

After reviewing all test assignments, Povio will make a final selection of applicants. You will be invited to the final interview if you show some talent and diligence. There you'd have a talk with the expert from the field for which you are applying for. Expect the final decision a few days later.

  • Step: 5: Beginner’s Course

You will get to attend an on-site training course to make your start easier, specially built to get you acquainted with the field you will later be working on as an intern. It will take place one month before the official start of your internship and it will cover all the essentials you need to know.

  • Step 6: Onboarding

Congratulations! You’ve just become Povio’s latest intern. Expect tons of useful information and resources at your disposal throughout your internship, beginning with an introductory onboarding session on your first day, where you will get familiar with the content and process of the internship.

Why? - The Benefits Of Internships

It is hard to land your first real job without prior experience in today's saturated job market. Companies seem to have their standards set high, whether they expect you to have a Ph.D. or five years of experience in the field. That is why internships are a great way to start applying the knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience and start building your resume. Learning how a professional workplace operates in practice, not just in theory, is far more valuable.

On the other side, interns are a great way to find new team members. Instead of relying solely on mid and senior-level professionals, they enable companies to reinforce their team with fresh ideas of young talents and shape them for tomorrow’s leadership roles in a suitable way.

Sounds like something you see yourself doing? At Povio, we're always on the lookout for young talent. You are welcome to leave your contact information so we can consider you for future opportunities.